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Mineral makeup has been around for a while now. When this rather different form of cosmetics first emerged it was an alternative to heavy, often less than natural looking foundations and powders. These days the scope of mineral makeup has expanded a great deal and led by BareMinerals, the pioneers of modern mineral based makeup, now includes eyeshadows, blushes and more. Thanks to various makeup samples and beauty product samples more and more women are discovering this. But why should you take the time to try yet another beauty product?

The Benefits of Mineral Makeup

Walk into any drugstore and you will be faced with shelf after shelf of cosmetics to choose from and the choice only increases if you shop for makeup online! With so many different offerings available why should you consider trying minerals? There are many reasons.

All Natural and Proven by Time

The first thing you should know about mineral makeup is that the concept, although new to many, is based on an age old tradition of looking to Mother Nature for materials that can be used to enhance beauty. The natural minerals that are included in today's offerings - iron oxides, talc, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide - have all been used for centuries and long before the idea of mass produced cosmetic caught on.

What is perhaps most important about mineral makeup is not that it is created from naturally occurring substances but the advantages for the skin it offers because of what it does not contain. Unlike most conventional products there are no artificial dyes or preservatives, no artificial fragrances or scary sounding chemicals like parabens. Mineral makeup is fragrance hypoallergenic, properties that any woman's skin can benefit from.

You, But Better

Another big plus is the natural look that is created when you use a mineral makeup. The colors and hues work with the skin's natural shadings, while still beautifying and concealing imperfections, to create an overall made up look that does not appear false, heavy or over made up. It is basically still you, just a better, more polished looking version.

Freedom from the Mess Factor

Most modern cosmetics are messy, both to use and to carry and store. Ever had one of those lipstick samples literally melt in your purse on a hot day? Or ruined a blouse by spilling thick, gloppy foundation on it? Then you know what we mean! mineral make up lacks much of that mess factor and in a very busy world that is a big plus indeed!

The Bare Minerals Naturally Luminous Collection

Maybe you have tried mineral foundation in the past and, if you are like most women love it. Now it's time to move on and try out the newer offerings, the beautiful eyeshadows and blushes that offer the same skin-saving and beauty enhancing benefits. The Bare Minerals Naturally Luminous Collection is a great way to get started.

Available as a sample makeup, it features two beautiful, and coordinating, shades of eyeshadow, a stunning, adapts to any skin tone blush, a natural kohl eyeliner, a fresh, light lip gloss and the specially contoured brush designed to make creating a flawless look easy. The kit basically gives you everything you need to discover for yourself all of the benefits of mineral makeup and just how opting to 'go natural' can be a very beautiful thing indeed.