Maybelline XXL Mascara Sample


There are literally thousands of different mascara brands on the market; every cosmetic brand carries at least a few different options. And many of them are very good. However if you ask most makeup artists, actresses, models and other glamorous ladies they will almost all agree that the very best mascaras are not found at a high end beauty counter but right in the drug store, as those mascaras are made by Maybelline. A great reason why, if you can, you should try to score yourself Maybelline samples of their legendary mascara offerings.

The Legend of the Pink and Green

The oldest and the best known Maybelline mascara is Great Lash. Its green and pink tube is not just well known, it is practically iconic. First introduced in 1971, according to consumer studies this famous mascara passes across a cash register somewhere in the world once every 3.5 seconds!

Over the years Maybelline have taken the Great Lash formula and tweaked it to produce other bestselling mascaras, including the Volum' Express line that guarantees any girl long, beautiful looking lashes every time.

One interesting thing you may not know is just how the founder of Maybelline, T.L Williams, came up with the very first Maybelline mascara in 1913. He actually began experimenting by mixing petroleum jelly (better known as Vaseline) with coal dust. A far cry from the Maybelline mascaras you can receive makeup samples today, but still a very clever idea that eventually led to the wonderful products his company still produces over 100 years later!

Getting those Beautiful Lashes the Maybelline Way

Let’s say that your great makeup samples, including that great mascara have arrived. Is there a better way to apply mascara, a way that will further enhance is dramatic ability to transform anyone's eyes from blah to beautiful? Well, according to many makeup artists yes there is.

Believe it or not, applying mascara the right way begins with the way you pull the wand out of the tube. This should be done in one fluid motion as 'pumping the wand up and down will introduce air into the tube leading to premature drying of the product.

Next, hold the mascara wand next to the underside of the upper eyelashes. Now move the wand upwards in zigzag motions towards the tip of the wand. If you want to add a little curl and even more definition, you should hold the mascara wand at an angle as you work. For even more drama, you can apply a second coat, but do try not to blink as the mascara dries, to avoid ending up with the dreaded 'panda eye' effect!

There is an ongoing disagreement between beauty experts over whether or not you should add mascara to the lower lashes as some feel it closes the eye in rather than opening it up. However, most women do prefer to add extra color to their lower lashes as well. To do so effectively use a much lighter hand than you do for the upper lashes and pull the wand down in a fluid motion to avoid smudges.