Rimmel London Lip Gloss Sample


There are those that think that wearing lip gloss is a very dated idea, more Seventies disco than modern millennial glam, but nothing could actually be further from the truth, as long as you choose the right product.

One great choice if you are willing to give lip gloss a try, either as a replacement for a conventional lipstick or as a finishing topcoat, are the range of lip glosses offered by Rimmel London, a cosmetics company known for their fashion forward, cutting edge products. Rimmel do, on occasion, offer a beauty sample of their lipgloss offerings but why should you be interested in trying one out?

The Advantages of Lipgloss over Lipstick

According to a survey of their readers, the Daily Mail reported that for many women lipgloss is fast replacing lipstick as their go to, everyday choice for lip color. Why the resurgence in popularity? There are a number of reasons. The first is that as many women strive for a more natural, less 'made up' look lipgloss delivers exactly that. Moister and lighter it enhances the lips - especially their fullness - without settling into creases unnaturally, a look that not only appears very artificial but is rather aging as well.

Lipgloss' moisturizing properties come into play as well. Many modern lipsticks can be very drying to delicate lips, especially those that are formulated for 'long wear' and daily use. Lipgloss imparts more moisture helping to keep lips supple and to use a bit of a cliché, more kissable.

Finally there is the wearabilty issue. Even those 'longwear' lipsticks have a tendency to smudge, not an attractive look at all, and most of us have, at one time or another, suffered the indignity and embarrassing of realizing (often too late) that the attractive bright color of our lipstick is also 'adorning ‘our teeth!

How to Wear Lipgloss

OK, so let's imagine you already received your makeup in the form of a Rimmel of London lip gloss. You might be wondering if there is some special extra trick you should utilize when applying it for it to look as good as it possibly can. And actually there is.

Before you apply your lipgloss make sure that your lips are as smooth as possible by exfoliating away any dead skin. You do not need a special tool of any kind to do this, a tooth brush works just fine.

Dampen the brush slightly and then rub it gently over your lips. Loose skin will be removed and as you will have increased the blood circulation to your lips a little thanks to the stimulating action of the bristles then you will have a slightly fuller looking pout even before you apply your gloss.

The Rimmel lipgloss line comes with a built in applicator, so that can be used to apply color more accurately than you could with a roll on lipgloss. Begin at the edges of the lips so that you can get a good 'line' and avoid smudging.

Lipgloss can also be worn with lipstick. If you just can't give up the lipstick habit, or you happened to have received cosmetic samples by mail that include a lipstick shade you are dying to try lipgloss can enhance its look as well. After applying the lipstick take the applicator wand from the lipgloss and apply just a dab in the center of your lips. This has an enhancing effect that will add instant 'pout', giving the appearance that your lips are fuller than they really are.