Covergirl Outlast Lipstain Sample


Beauty products have a huge impact to consumers. As a matter of fact, boutiques and salons have been established all across the country. There are all sorts of products available. For the skin, there are moisturizers and lotions. For the eyes, there are eye liner and eye shadows. And for the lips there are lipsticks and lip stains.

Lipsticks and lip stains are two different products. Both products are used to add color to the lips. The main ingredients for lipsticks are wax, oils, pigments and emollients. Lip stains, on the other hand contains water or gel. Lip stains are available as a roll-on, gel with a sponge-tip applicator, or marker-like tube with color infused tip.

Covergirl Outlast Lipstain

Covergirl Outlast Lipstain is one of the most popular brands when it comes to lip stain products. It is a perfect lip product to add color to your lips that lasts a whole day.

Ladies love this product because:

Here are more reasons why you should own this product.

Easy to apply

Here are the three easy steps needed to get perfect looking lips:

Dries instantly

This product contains alcohol which makes the product dry faster. Once the product comes into contact with the lips, it starts to get dry. Some people may find this challenging, but with practice, you can get the hang of applying the product. It is advised that, one moves at a faster pace when applying the product before it sets.

Because the lip stain product contains alcohol, it easily evaporates. If you leave the cap off or if you do not tightly close the cap, the product would dry off making it unusable. It is very important to return the cap tightly after each use.

Although the product is beneficial because it dries faster, it can also cause dry lips and skin. This is the side effect of alcohol containing products. To prevent dry lips and skin, application of a thin layer of lip balm before applying lip stain is advised.

Lasts longer

After successful application of the lip stain product, it can last a whole day. There is no need to constantly reapply the lip stain product over and over again. You do not have to worry about smudging even if you eat, drink, talk, or wipe your lips with a napkin. The color is guaranteed to last on your lips. You can last a whole day without worrying about your lips and your lip stain.

Variety in shades

This product is available in ten different shades: cinnamon smile, everbloom kiss, teasing blush, saucy plum, wild berry wink, nude kiss, sassy mauve, plum pout, scarlet pucker, and flirty nude. It can suit and match any skin color, your mood, your outfit, and even the occasion. It is great for day to day use. However, this product has lesser array of color and texture compared to other lip products. If you want more color, shades and texture – shine, matte, and moisture-rich – use a lipstick.